PiCube -the media player for digital signage displays

Did you know that 97% of material used on digital signage screens is good ol’ still images and new HD video clips?

The new adorably small but powerful professional network-based media player is here! Full HD video, images, and RSS feeds all brought to screens without the need of burning piles of money. With the FirstView SaaS service you can manage all your screens remotely via Internet. 

ORDER NOW! Digital signage doesn’t get easier than this!

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This is how it works

ORDER one PiCube for each screen you wish to change into a digital signage channel. You can use the PiCube with any digital screen with a HDMI or DVI input. The PiCube is attached to the screen and to the network, and voila! A digital signage system is up and running! After plugging in the player you just log in via Internet to your FirstView Manager user account, and start adding images and videos to your screen(s)!

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Tech Specs

The combination of the Linux-based FirstView digital signage software and the credit card sized single-board computer Raspberry Pi is capable of providing Full HD 1080p video and images.

The cost effective media player integrates into your existing network and connects to a FirstView cloud server. The web based FirstView Manager content management system enables you to manage the content of hundreds of screens remotely from one location.

  • Size of the player is 100x30x70 mm
  • 6+ GB internal memory
  • Uses very low energy (power rating 3.5W)
  • The Raspberry Pi based hardware uses 700 MHz ARM core, has 512 RAM memory, and a Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip (SoC)
  • Both audio and video uses HDMI out
  • 10/100 Ethernet RJ45 or wireless WiFi for network
  • PiCube runs a Linux-based operating system and can be mounted on the back of any digital screen with HDMI/DVI input


Manage your screens from anywhere

The content on displays is managed via Internet by logging in to the FirstView Manager user interface with your own username and password. With the easy-to-use FirstView Manager all material on displays (or display groups) can be updated, edited and scheduled remotely from anywhere where there’s an Internet connection.

Play on your screens

  • Images (JPEG, PNG)
  • Full HD Video (all video formats)
  • RSS feeds (news, weather casts, etc..)
  • Text presentations

Useful tools and features

  • Calendar functions and scheduling of presentations
  • Automated conference scheduling and guide arrows
  • Meeting and guidance tools

Reliable and secure

  • SSL secured network connection
  • Keeps on showing the uploaded material also offline
  • Automated software updates

Multilingual support

The languages available in FirstView manager are

  • English
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Danish

Get started


Order as many PiCube players as you need (one for each screen you wish to use for digital signage) via ModMyPi


The PiCube media players with installation & user guides will be shipped to you within 7 days. Total delivery time 9 to 21 days depending on destination.


Use the Installation guide to attach the player(s) to your screens.


Log in to FirstView Manager with your email address and a password we’ve sent to you by e-mail. See the User guide & video to add material to screens.


Need help? Contact our tech support at support @ firstviewds.com.


I’m not big on technology. Am I able to start using PiCube without help?

PiCube is easier to install than your TiVo or DVD player at home. You just plug in the power, attach the PiCube to the screen with a HDMI cable (we’ll send you one for each player), and attach the Ethernet network cable. The network cable is the same kind you use with your computer. So yes, you sure can use the PiCube without any special IT skills.

How long am I engaged to use the PiCube service?

After a one  month free trial you can stop using the PiCube anytime you want. Just send us an e-mail. The last monthly service fee is charged for the ongoing month when you send us the e-mail to stop the service.

The player is attached to the network. Is it safe to use PiCube?

All data is SSL encrypted, which is the same security that banks use for their Internet services. No need to worry for breaches, we’ve made sure that its secure to use the FirstView system.

How do I know whether my screen has a HDMI or DVI input?

You can use the PiCube with any screen that has either of these inputs

. hdmi_dvi

If you’re unsure whether your screen is compatible, send us a picture of the inputs and we’ll help you out!

Will the screen go black if the Internet connection is down?

The PiCube downloads the material (images and videos) to its own internal memory and plays it from there. The network is needed only when uploading new material or editing the existing playlist. If the network goes down the PiCube will play the material it has already downloaded to its memory. After the network connection is back up the player will automatically check if there’s new material or changes made to the playlist.

Can I have more than one screen behind a single public IP address?

Sure, you can have as many screens as you want behind a public IP address.

Can I use a 3G or 4G connection to connect my screens to Internet?

Yes, you can but you should consider couple things. First of all, you can’t connect the USB modem directly to the PiCube. You need a 3G router that you plug in to the PiCube with a cable.  Also the data plans can be expensive. HD video and image material used these days can be quite large. Even though there’s data traffic only when uploading the files or making changes to the playlist, you should keep this in mind when making your mobile data plan.

Pay 26 € per month and you’ll get:

  • An account to FirstView Manager to manage content on screen(s)
  • Create unlimited users
  • Unlimited storage for videos and images
  • A connection to the scalable FirstView cloud server
  • Server maintenance
  • All software updates
  • Installation & user manual
  • Email support

+ low-cost media player

  • PiCube mediaplayer with lifetime warranty and automated software updates
  • HDMI and power cables
  • USB WiFi Dongle for wireless network

You won’t get engaged to long-term agreements. The price includes a one month trial period.